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To Do in Piemont

Our region has something for everyone in every season and offers a wide range of sports. Skiing and cross-country skiing in winter; visiting a city in the spring; walking, cycling/mountain biking, horse riding, golfing, fishing or canoeing in the summer and gastronomic enjoyment in the autumn. A place where you can enjoy it all year round.  


Hiking in Piemont

For those who enjoy hiking, all they have to do is walk out the door. We have plotted a number of routes via Wiciloc.

The organization Deserta Langarum in Murazzano / Torresina has set out five hiking trails; the pink route 3.3 km, the blue route 6.9 km (photo album), the yellow route 9.3 km, the red route 10.6 km and the green route 16 km. It is of course also possible to gradually switch to one of the other routes along the route.

The landscape in the Langhe and Monferrato is very hilly and that takes some getting used to, even for the trained Dutch hiker. This does not alter the fact that there are various walking routes for every level. Various GTL hiking trails (red and white) have been plotted throughout the Piedmont region and therefore also in the province of Cuneo and are well marked with signs. More and more municipalities in the region have now started to set out various walking routes in their area, including various routes through the vineyards to Dogliani. On the website of Wikiloc there are divers routes for every level.

If the hilly landscape of the Langhe and Monferrato is not challenging enough, you can indulge yourself in the mountains or one of the many unspoilt valleys in the province of Cuneo. Various tours have been set out in various areas, such as tIf the hilly landscape of the Langhe and Monferrato is not challenging enough, you can indulge yourself in the mountains or one of the many unspoilt valleys in the province of Cuneo. Various routes have been set out in various areas, such as the Valle PoValle Tanaro or the Parco delle Alpi Marittime, varying in length and difficulty.



Cycling in Piemont

Cyclists can also indulge themselves in Piedmont. Due to the very hilly landscape, it is necessary to have some training. The roads are exceptionally quiet, well-paved and criss-cross through the landscape. This makes it possible to set off on different tours or to get from A to B. A number of tours and climbs have also been set out in the immediate vicinity, such as the climbs of the champions, the (6) Salite dei Campioni and a route arround Murazzano. 


For less trained cyclists there is the option to rent an e-bike in Murazzano or a bit further away in Novello. A number of routes have been set out in the Langhe over the past year, and a number of service stations have also been established at various locations along the route, including one in Murazzano. 



The hilly landscape is of course ideal for mountain bikers. There are several in the region mountainbike routes, some of which are actually marked with signs, such as in Marsaglia.


The hiking paths of the Deserta Langarum are also very suitable for mountain bikers as they are largely unpaved.


Sightseeing in Piemonte

There are countless small villages on hilltops in Piedmont and they all have a church, abbey or chapel that is more than worth a visit. Some larger places in the region that immediately have more to offer are Alba, Mondovi, Cherasco, Bra and Cuneo. Furthermore, there are many hidden Pearls of tyhe Langhe and of course castles. 



Citytrip Turin

Turin is the capital of Piedmont, the city where Fiat is headquartered. However Turin is not a gray industrial city, but an elegant and charming city with a baroque center, beautiful shopping arcades where you can shop all day and a variety of museums.


Citytrip Genua
Genoa is a bustling port city on the Mediterranean Sea, leaning against the foothills of the Apennines. Genua is a city of extremes that is best discovered on foot.


Wine regions of Piedmont

The wine landscapes of Piedmont: the Langhe, Roero and the Monferrato were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. Various hiking trails have been set out in the typical wine landscape of these areas, allowing you to take in the beautiful landscape even more. In autumn the landscape changes into an incredible palette of colours.


Wine tasting in Piemont

Piedmont produces the most beautiful wines in Italy, such as the famous Barolo and Barbaresco, but also the Asti Spumante or Moscato d'Asti, the Dolcetto and Barbera. The region is home to a whole range of well-known wine growers, but also an incredible amount of small, lesser-known wine growers. We would be happy to put you in touch with them for a visit to the vineyard and a wine tasting.

Grape picking in Italy
It is possible to participate in the pigeon harvest in Piedmont. We have two addresses for this. The office of the Ente Turismo Langhe Monferrato Roero in Alba (Tel. +39 0173 35833 / or directly from a winegrower in Dogliani Az. Agr. Romana (Tel. +39 017376315 /


A day to the beach

Savona is less than an hour's drive away. Savona is a very nice city to visit and shop, but for those who want to lie on the beach and enjoy the beautiful Ligurian coastline, there are better alternatives. From Savona towards Imperia these are Spotorno, Noli and Finale Ligure. From Savona towards Genoa these are successively Celle Ligure and Varazze.



The best place for shopping is in the big cities such as Turin, Genoa, Savona and Cuneo, but the offer is also more than adequate in Alba, Mondovi and Bra. There are also a range of outlets such as Mondovicino Outlet Village in Mondovi, Serravalle Designer Outlet Village in Serravalle or Avigliana Outlet in Turin.



It may not be something one would expect in a village like Murazzano, but Murazzano has a real Safari Park with wildlife from Europe and beyond, including lions. Fun to do with children.



There are several 9 to 18 hole golf courses in the region, set in a beautiful landscape. There is a suitable job for everyone's handycap. In the immediate vicinity there is the 18-hole Cherasco golf course.



Overzicht evenementen

Every village in Piedmont has its own village festival, usually with the theme of something you can eat or drink (festival of cherry, hazelnut, polenta, wine, etc.). Most village festivals take place from July to August, but many events are also organized in spring and autumn. During your stay at Casa Rea we will inform you about what festivities there are during that period. In Murazzano itself, the month of August in particular is dedicated to various festivities, with something to do almost every day, including for the children. We have been organizing a music series Pomeriggi in Musica for a few years now, where you can attend a concert on 6 Sundays in July and August at various locations in Murazzano.


For the adventurers among us, there are also various spectacular options in the region, such as:


Also fun

Renting a Vespa and cruising the countryside

An organized trip with an Ape

Wale watching in Genua 

Visiting the caves of Bossea, Dossi or Toirano